Welcome to Cornetta's Restaurant and Marina.

We are a family owned restaurant that is owned and operated by the Kilerciyan Family Since 1979. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a high quality dining experience that keeps our customers coming back again and again.



I would like to use this area to provide your customers with a little background of the business.

The Restaurant and Marina is a Kilerciyan Family owned business.

How long have you been in business - what is now 40 Years?

Who is at the Helm of the business?
Suren - Restaurant
Rusen - Bar
David - Marina

What makes our restaurant special?

What are the core values?

Why should you Dine with us or host your catering event with us?




Cornetta's Management Team

Suren Kilerciyan


Ruschen Kilerciyan


David Kilerciyan